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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1114807030126142412663394114*Scott R GillieDon2017/2018B Grade3 1West Ulverstone
21001099051126142412813790100Norman ChappellDon2017/2018B Grade5 1Spreyton Gold
38480703012614241281381184Scott R GillieDon2017/2018B Grade8 1Beulah
472109905112614241281381172*Norman ChappellDon2017/2018B Grade8 1Beulah
570109048412614241266351470Justin JohnsonDon2017/2018A Grade10 1Mersey Colts
66987057112614241266334469Daryl MarshallDon2017/2018A Reserve12 1Forth
76687057112614241266329066*Daryl MarshallDon2017/2018A Reserve3 1Mersey Colts
86587055912614241266349065Brett CrowdenDon2017/2018A Grade4 1Turners Beach
95986673212614241266350659Curt WoolleyDon2017/2018A Grade8 1Forth
105942293512614241266349059Beau SharmanDon2017/2018A Grade4 1Turners Beach
115986673412614241266328459Brett CollinsDon2017/2018A Reserve2 1Spreyton
125887054112614241266330258Mark BellingerDon2017/2018A Reserve5 1Sassafras
135387057612614241266348253Kade PitchfordDon2017/2018A Grade2 1Spreyton
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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